Eric Tapout once sang in a hardcore band called Bed Of Nailz
BED OF NAILZ 914 HARDCORE...logo by Jeff
Bed Of Nailz was a hardcore/punk band  formed in June 2001 in
White Plains, New York from the ashes of Eric Tapout + Ed Massena's
previous band  which recorded nearly 200 original songs between the
years 1994 - 1998.  The original Nailz lineup consisted of Eric, Ed,
and guitarist Carlos Torres. The trio recorded an 8 song demo on
August 8 2001, two months after forming. The band was then put on
hold as Ed had some stuff to take care of upstate.  

Fast forward to June 2002; Bed Of Nailz was back and added bassist
Dan P whom the band met while appearing on his local radio show.  
On August 8 2002, Nailz recorded the full length cd
"I Had Sex In New Jersey This Morning", and Ed once again went
upstate for a few months.   

Frustrated by this pattern, Eric and Dan decided to recruit new
members as guitarist Carlos moved to Spain.   Dan switched from
bass to guitar, and drummer Tomislav and bassist Mike were added.
Within a few months, the band resumed playing shows and  released
a live cd during the winter of 2002.  

2003 began with Nailz releasing their "Slipped Through The Cracks"
full length cd in January followed by their "Smash The Mirror' full
length cd in March.  2003 also saw radical lineup changes on a
regular basis which haulted the band from successfully moving
forward to the best of their potential.  The lineup changes started
when  drummer Tomislav randomly went to Florida on an extended
several month vacation. Perhaps as fate would have it, Ed returned
home and resumed playing drums and Nailz parted ways with bassist
Mike.   Ed, Eric, and Dan recorded a new full length called
"Requiem For Mayhem" on August 8, 2003.  Weeks later, Ed returned
upstate and new bassist Pez + new drummer Frank joined Bed Of
Nailz. Carlos returned from Spain and rejoined Nailz as a 2nd
guitarist.  Frank's stay with Nailz didn't last too long as he went MIA
and was replaced by the resurfaced Tomislav.

By March 2004 Nailz went on hiatus as members failed to commit
their time to the band.

During the summer of 2004,  Eric and Dan formed a band called
Smash The Mirror with guitarist Ryan Jackson and Ian Larson.

December 2004 saw a new Nailz lineup emerge with drummer Thom
and bassist Byrne joining Eric and Dan.  This lineup stayed in tact for
a few months before disolving.

In March 2005,  Ed and Eric wrote and recorded a handful of new
songs that would turn into the ground work of their new band
Never Comes

In January 2006, Thom said he would be starting a Bed Of Nailz
tribute band.
Eric: vocals/lyrics
Dan: original bassist turned lead guitarist
Byrne: bass
Thomas: drums
last Bed Of Nailz lineup:

Eric Tapout  - vocals
Dan P -           guitar
Byrne Klay -   bass
Thom -           drums of the best fans a band could hope for
2001 -  self titled demo

2002 -  
"I Had Sex In NJ This  Morning"
"Live At The Journal News"

2003 -
"Slipped Through The Cracks"
"Smash The Mirror"
"Requiem For Mayhem"
more to come
Bed Of Nailz guitarist Dan posing with fans at a 2005 Battle Of The Bands guest appearance