The woodsy back road that connects the
eastern part of White Plains NY to the
western part of neighboring Harrison within
Westchester County has been the center of
urban legends, ghost stories, and bizarre
history for decades.
Buckout Road is named after the once
prominent Buckhout family that initially lived
in Sleepy Hollow NY with later generations
living and buried on what was once East
Cottage Avenue ... now known as Buckout

Some members of the Buckhout family were
victims of murder, war veterans, and one
notorious Buckhout was hanged in White
Plains after committing multiple murders!
"I know who found the farmer dead, laid out in a cross shape in
front of the front porch, eyes open, gone. I used to feel something
looking at me from the window that was on the third floor of the
house, facing west, which I could see from my bathroom window,
a dark hole of terror,  I went in the house, cluttered with junk and
went into the Buckhout mansion at 13, scared, Love Lane, the
slaughter houses, the church that was trashed, saw a car off the
road once, and the best is probably when I was maybe 13 or 14,
walking past the small graveyard, jumped up on the wall, and saw
in horror (at 14) the empty freshly dug pit that contained Mary
Foster's coffin, stolen, with two shovels left behind. She had a
stone up there, and they were all knocked over"  - Rick

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Buckout Road's most infamous urban legends
include the presence of flesh eating albinos, the
ghost of a lady in white that haunts a cemetery
of freed slaves, and the ghost of Mary Foster.
But that's just the beginning.

The area's history dates back to the Siwanoy
tribe in the 1600's whom are responsible for the
area's oldest urban legend.

You may have learned in school that Abraham
Lincoln freed the slaves in 1867. Now you can
learn about a White Plains resident named
Frederick Stephens whom along with his fellow
Quakers not only freed a population of slaves
long prior to 1867, but also  gave them land to
live on. The community known as Stony Hill
became the largest Black population in New
York State at the time.
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Westchester County's alleged
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The Buckhout Family
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