Eric Tapout throws music  shows, does bookings for a roster of artists, writes a zine, runs a pro wrestling company, and sings in some bands

May 6, 2008
Just a quick update. Tapout Promotions is currently accepting bookings for all artists listed on the Artist Roster page of this site. If you'd like to book a performer for your next event, please get in touch. Tapout Promotions will be teaming with End Of The Week this coming Sunday night at The Pyramid in NYC for a hip hop night featuring live performances by Randy Mason, Mike J Gottie, and more.

Human Tornado vs Trent Acid vs Alex Shelley,   Abyss vs Monsta Mack vs Paul E Normus vs Michael Sain 4 Way No DQ Elimination Match,  Samoa Joe vs Eddie Kingston, Koko B Ware vs Niles Young with Noel,  Danny Demanto with Talia vs Jason Blade, Justin Credible vs Reckless Youth, The Zombie vs Malta The Damager, Outcast Killaz vs Canadian Superstars, and more! Commentary by Nate Stein and Sean Gorman
Chris Barron
Dramarama singer John Easdale
C-Rayz Walz
Poison Pen
hip hop veteran PUMPKINHEAD
the one and only DJ Stacey Stylez