This carnival freak is skilled in
submissions, chain wrestling and
martial arts... and when his artsy
temper gets the better of him he is
quite happy to bite, scratch, kick
and punch is way to victory!

He has wrestled all over Canada,
USA, Europe and Puerto Rico
against wrestlings most infamous
characters - Jake The Snake
Roberts, King Kong Bundy,
Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Road
Warrior Hawk, The Steiner
Brothers, Jerry The King Lawler
and many more. He has preformed
on NWA-TNA PPVs as a member of
the New Church along with Slash,
Vampiro and Father Jim Mitchell. He
has wrestled for WWE Heat and
Velocity against the likes of Val
Venis and Hardcore Bob Holly, and
most recently on WWE Smackdown
picking up a win over MVP.
As seen on WWE Smackdown as "Kizarny" and on TNA Wrestling
television as "Original Sinn" the Carnival Side Show superstar has
competed all over the world, including hold multiple Heavyweight
Championships in Canada.  Visually he is "Satan goes to Hollywood." A
real life super hero, or super villian, depending on his mood.... An
eccentric with a taste for punishment of varying styles creatively
meshed together to become his own.
Carnival Diablo
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When he is not in the squared
circle he participates in
torturous rituals of pain
tolerance at Carnival Diablo's
Sideshow! People cringe as
they watch the monster with
the wings on his back before
the human dart board - He
welcomes the pain of the
Electric Chair as he lights a
torch with electricity arching
from his tongue.
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