As the music industry grows, changes and redefines itself, there
are very few artists that stay true to their form while moving with
the times. Shabaam Sahdeeq is one of those consistent rarities
that do so, on a daily basis. Shabaam began creating Hip Hop
music at the age of 15. Through street battles, mix tape
appearances & numerous DVD features, Shabaam became a
street legend over night. As an artist on the roster of Rawkus
Records he solidified his spot as a key player in the Hip Hop
game and helped begin a movement that hasn't slowed down
since. Shabaam stunned the Hip Hop community with lyrics
that dominated the SoundBombing Series & the Lyricist
Lounge. Some of his most popular features include the Simon
Says along side Pharoahe Monch, Busta Rhymes, Lady Luck,
Redman and Method Man. 12"s also include Sound Clash" b/w
"5 Star Generals" (feat Eminem), "R U Ready b/w Concrete"
(feat Xzibit), "3D b/w Eat This Year". Also appeared on "WWIII"
with Pharaohe Monch, "25 To Life" with the Cocoa Brovas,
"What If" with L Fudge, 1 For The Love" with Rah Digga, Kool
G rap Common, Mos Def & Kweli, Sporty thieves & De la Soul,
Hip-Hop For Respect and also worked on the Polyrhythm
Addicts album.. Shabbaam has also blessed beats from many
renowned producers including Alchemist, Hi-Tek ,Ayatollah,
and DJ Spinna, A short stint in prison gave Shabaam some
time to reflect on his career & gear up for the future.
Depending on his skills rather than the marketability jail
currently has on the industry has earned him much respect
amongst his peers. He says "I don't need to be behind bars,
because I'm behind bars (meaning lyrics.)". Shabaam
Sahdeeqs newest release Strategize on Draft Records, already
holds weight in this industry and has every one watching for his
next move. This leads us to his next album The Out Come also
on Draft Records & tells the story we've all been waiting to
hear. HIS VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Shabaam Shahdeeq
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Discography of Releases:
3-D (12") Rawkus
So Real / It Could Happen (12") Freeze Hip Hop
Side 2 Side (12") Rawkus
Sound Clash / 5 Star Generals (12") Rawkus
Are You Ready / Concrete EP (12") Rawkus
Soundbombing 2 (The Singles) (12") Rawkus
Murderous Flow (12") Bronx Science Recordings
Bubblin' (12") Raptivism
Never Say Never (2xLP) Raptivism
Any Man / WW III (12") Rawkus
Appears On:
Fatigez / Black Clouds / Snake Charmers (12") Snake Charmers
Not On Label
Lyrical Fluctuation (12") Lyrical Fluctuation Beyond Real
The Beyond Real Experience (2xLP) Lyrical Fluctuation
Beyond Real Recordings
Military Kombat (12") Military Kombat (Radio... Lumberjack
Records Swamp City Records
Soundbombing (CD) What If? Rawkus
Bonds, Beats & Beliefs (CD) Takin Ova US Version Tee
Certified Superior (12") Ninety Degrees A Piece... Fondle 'Em
Liquid / What If? / Show Me Your Gratitude (12") What If?
(Clean Version) Rawkus
Lyricist Lounge Volume One (2xCD) Outside The Lounge
Lyricist Lounge Volume One (4xLP) Outside The Lounge
Dub Sessions Vol. 01 (CD) Nobody P-Jays Recordings Flip
Fantasia: Hits & Remixes (CD) I'm Thinking About You... Blue
Internal Affairs (CD) Simon Says (Remix) Rawkus
Internal Affairs (CD) Simon Says (Remix) Virgin Music (Canada)
Nobody / Natruel On Top (12") Groove Attack Productions
Simon Says (The Remixes) (12") Simon Says (US Remix)
The Beyond Real Experience (CD) Lyrical Fluctuation SSR
Hip Hop For Respect EP (12") One Four Love (Part 1) Rawkus
Hip Hop For Respect EP (CD5") One Four Love Pt. 1 Rawkus
Hip-Hop For Respect (One Four Love-Part I) (12") Rawkus
In 12s We Trust (2xLP) The Backbone Ground Control Records
Skills 101 / Science Of Life / Final Four (12") Final Four (Dirty)
Brick Records
The Backbone (12") The Backbone (Radio) Ground Control
The Beat Suite (4x10") Lyrical Fluctuation 20... Urban Theory
The Underground Railroad (2xLP) Seven Ground Control
Along Came The Chosen (2xLP) Final Hour Landspeed Records

Altruism (CD) Worldwide BMG
Infectious (+Bonus CD) (2xCD) Lyrical Fluctuation (R...
Landspeed Records
Hold This Down (2xLP) Accumulation Seven Heads
From Now On (CD) Death Bells EV Productions
Tracks Appear On:
Rawkus Presents: The Cleaner (CD) Every Rhyme I Write HHC
Magazine Rawkus
Soundbombing (CD) Arabian Nights Rawkus
Hip Hop Independence Day: Volume 1 (Record 1) (12") Any
Minute Now Wreck Records
Phax 'n' Phixion (CD) Side 2 Side SSR
Phax 'n' Phixion (LP) Side 2 Side SSR
Soundbombing II (CD) WWIII, Every Rhyme I W... Rawkus
Soundbombing II (CD) WWIII, Every Rhyme I W... Virgin Music
Superrappin' (2xLP) Nobody Groove Attack Productions
Rawkus 2000 - New York Independent Hip Hop (CD) 3D Muzik
Hip Hop Classics Vol 1 (Limited Edition) (2xCD) Sound Clash
T.H.C. (The Hip-Hop Collection) Vol. 1 (CD) Roll Up High Times

Zooyork compilation " Some times" ZOOYORK REC
Polyrythmaddicts rhymrelated Nervous rec