Brief run down of recent Tapout Shows ...full archive goes back to 2001....archive of  older shows coming soon
only includes Tapout thrown shows...not shows booked via Tapout for other people
Jan-May 2007
Sat May 1 @ The Underscore - NYC
Marisa Rhodes, Uppanotch, Angela Severiano, Ashley Rose, Polo Big,
BLO, and more.

Fri April 20 @ The Underpass - Elmwood Park NJ
Scrabble Kings, Low N B Hold, Pickle Factory, Born Talent, Cymarshall
Law, Silent Knight, more. Hosted by Jay Love.

Fri April 13 @ The Underscore - NYC
Marc Rizzo (Soulfly),  Brit Pressley, Johnny Blue

Thurs April 12 @ The Underscore - NYC
Ande Sedwick, Marissa Levy, Melissa Giges, Victoria Levy, Phil Common,
Malissa. Hosted by BLO.

Sun April 1 @ The Underscore - pm show
Chuck Naked (last show ever), Jennings, Lauren Hunt, Virginia, Reese

Sun April 1 @ The Underscore - am show
Sicks Deep, Demized, Who Amongst The Damned, Nightwalker, Uppanotch,
Body Bagz.

Fri March 30 @ The Underpass - NJ
Pumpkinhead, Born Talent, Ques One, Pickle Factory, Reign Of Terror,
Mike Gottie, Troy Kennedy, Knowledge

Thurs March 22 @ The Underscore NYC
Anna Yvette, Billie Rainbird, Laura Ault, Matt Macklecan, Katie Arnold,
Alexa Benoit

Sun March 18 @ Underscore NYC
Trophy Scars, Rains For Days, The Sick List, HerCanDane, Rest Assured,
Reign Of Terror, Ovadose, Knowledge

Thurs March 15 @ Underscore NYC
Angela Severiano, Brett Aaron, Billie Rainbird, Juliet Echo, All Out Riot,
Melinda Davis, Malissa

Fri March 2 @ Underscore
The Corpus, Joe Holland, Johnny Blue, Phil Common, STO

Thurs March 1 @ Underscore
Jennings, Ande Sedwick, Malissa, Natalie Gelman

Thurs Feb 15 @ Underscore
Longspur, Letters To London, Reflookoo Jambee

Wed Feb 14 @ Underscore
Chuck Naked

Fri Feb 9 @ Underpass NJ
Chris Barron + The Time Bandits

Sat Feb 3 @ Underpass NJ
25 Ta Life

Sat 2/10 @ Underscore NYC
DJ Tejo, Uppanotch, Randy Mason, Bombshell Mel, Sean First Born, Pickle
Factory, Pro, Ovadose, and more. Hosted by Fingaz.

Thurs 2/1 @ Underscore NYC
Melissa Giges, Lauren Hunt, Marisa Levy, Natalie Gelman

Sat 1/27 @ Underpass Elmwood Park, New Jersey
FHM Girl Bombshell Mel, Jay Love, Born Talent, Stan Ipcus, The Pickle
Factory, Ovadose, Fingaz, and more. Hosted by II Cold BLO.

Sat 1/20/07 @ Underscore NYC
The Corpus, War Child, and Sunday Girl (Blondie Tribute band from The
UK's first US show)

Fri 1/19/07  @ Underscore NYC
NYC Singer Songwriter show with David Poe, Lauren Hunt, Brit Pressley,
Daniel Kiedis, Phil Common, Jimmy's Ring, and the first show ever by
January Window
June-December 2007